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AMWA and EBU Announce Roadmap for Interoperable Media Services

broadcast industry technology trends, broadcast industry trends, broadcast technology market research | Posted by Joe Zaller
Sep 20 2010

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) announced today that the two organizations successfully held a round table session around SOA and the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS).  During these sessions users were invited to highlight the market needs for a FIMS solution.

During the round table FIMS announced the a 2-phase roadmap for developing specifications.

Phase 1 will consist of a common service definition format, after the high level architecture and framework described in the request for technology is first refined. This framework will cover all system and management requirements (service management, awareness and communication, content and time awareness, security, framework extension). The framework will be built upon IBM (SOA based Media Services Framework) and Sony (Media SOA Framework) proposals with the valued experience of service developers and users from Amberfin, BBC and Cinegy. The project will also address container issues seeking maximum compatibility with AAF and MXF.

Phase 2 will subsequently investigate the possibility of defining common services using the framework developed in phase 1. All respondents have already suggested key services.

AMWA’s Brad Gilmer said that the need for this work is obvious because “media companies are being asked to deliver more programs to more platforms while operating under a very restricted economic environment. They care about the FIMS work because it provides a standardized framework within which they can design and implement facilities which meet their needs now, but also allow them to more easily adapt to the future. File-based facilities are the way of the future, and FIMS is at its core.”

You can read the full EBU / AMWA press release here.

Two Broadcast M&A Deals: HME Buys Clear-Com, EVS Buys OpenCube

broadcast technology market research | Posted by Joe Zaller
Apr 06 2010

Two broadcast industry M&A deals have been announced since I wrote last week about the 40 page note put out by boutique investment bank Silverwood Partner, which says that vendors in the broadcast industry need to consolidate.

Last Friday HME announced that is acquiring Clear-Com from Vitec, a move that will strengthen their position in the broadcast intercom / talkback market.

Today EVS said that is is buying MXF specialist OpenCube, a bolt-on acquisition that brings additional file-based and MXF expertise in-house.

There have also been a number of industry partnerships announced such as the deal between Harris and Echolab, which sees Harris reselling Echolab production switchers.

NAB 2010 is now a week away, and it’s common that these deals are announced around major trade shows. It will be interesting to see if there are more deals coming.

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