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Broadcast Vendor M&A: Barco Buys X2O Media for C$21 Million as Part of Plan to Diversify Beyond Display and Projection

Broadcast technology vendor financials, Broadcast Vendor M&A | Posted by Joe Zaller
Mar 19 2014

Digital signage provider X2O Media has been acquired by Barco for C$21m. The deal values Montreal-based X2O at a healthy 4X its 2013 revenue.

Barco says “X2O Media will be integrated in the Barco organization as a business venture, allowing it to continue the development of its platform technology, while leveraging its business growth from Barco’s worldwide sales and service presence.”

X2O Media was founded by serial entrepreneur David Wilkins who sold his previous company, VertigoXmedia, to Miranda Technologies for C$11 million in 2006.  The deal with Miranda excluded the digital signage business of VertigoX, which Wilkins re-launched as X2O Media.  Since that time, the company grew from 10 to 40 employees, and saw its revenue increase to C$5m by the end of 2013.

X2O was backed by Propulsion Ventures, which was also a backer of VertigoXMedia.

According to Barco CEO Eric Van Zele, part of the strategic rationale for X2O is to diversify Barco’s offering beyond display and projection technology.  Barco also says the X2O portfolio will allow it to better meet customer expectations regarding workflow and content management, while differentiating itself further from competition.

The deal also creates new market opportunities for X2O. According to Wilkins, X2O’s current market “is limited to North America, but benefiting from Barco’s global network we will be able to grow our activities worldwide.”

This is not Barco’s first foray into the digital signage arena, but the 4X revenue Barco is paying for X2O, is significantly more than its last deal.  In 2010, Barco acquired Belgium–based digital signage specialist dZine for what it said at that time was “less than 1 time annual sales of dZine excluding an earn-out provision over the next two and a half years.”  According to public records, dZine had revenue of €7.96m in 2010 ($10.5m based on 2010 for-x rate to Euro).  dZine posted revenue of €8.53m and €6.9m in 2011 and 2012, respectively, so it’s unclear whether the earn-out provision was ever triggered.



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Barco’s Revenues Rise 16.1% in 2011

Broadcast technology vendor financials, Quarterly Results | Posted by Joe Zaller
Feb 09 2012

Barco announced that its revenue for the full year 2011 was €1.04Bn, an increase of 16.1% versus the full year 2010.   The company said all parts of the businesses with the exception of defense, air traffic control and the ventures as a group, grew during the year.

Order intake in 2011 was €1.09Bn, an increase of 10.7% versus last year.  The company said that BRIC countries together with Mexico, Japan, South-East Asia and Central Europe were among the best areas for growth in incoming orders.

The company’s net income for 2011 was €75.8m, up 74% versus 2010.


On a geographic basis:

  • Revenue from the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (EMEALA) region was €444m, or 43.7% of total revenue.  EMEALA revenue grew 18.8% during 2011.


  • Revenue in North America contributed was €4347, or 33.3% of total revenue.  Sales in North America were up 8.6% versus 2010.


  • Sales in the Asia-Pacific region were €239.4m, or 23% of total revenue.  APAC revenue increased by 23% versus 2010.



On a segment basis:

  • The Entertainment Division contributed €432.1m, an increase of 31.1% versus the previous year, driven by strength in the events market.  Barco also said that its renewed focus on the corporate AV segment has been “remarkably successful.”  The company said its entertainment business grew than 30% growth in the EMEALA region, almost 20% in North America and close to 50% in the APAC region. EBITDA in the Entertainment Division grew 6% to €63.8m, but EBITDA margins in the division dropped 3.5% due to substantial investment in R&D.


  • Sales in the Healthcare Division grew 10% to €192.5m, thanks to robust sales in both established markets as well as newer segments such surgical displays, dental imaging, and digital pathology. Barco said its Healthcare Division grew in all territories, with APAC growing 20% year-over-year.  Healthcare EBITDA for 2011 was €33.1m, up 16.4% versus last year.  Healthcare EBITDA margin increased from 16.2% to 17.2%.


  • Sales in the Control Rooms & Simulation division increased 16.1% to €214.3 in 2011, with the Europe and APAC regions each growing about 20%. Revenue for Simulation increased in the EMEALA and APAC regions but decreased in North America.  2011 EBITDA for the division €16.2m, up 9% versus last year, but EBITDA margin dropped from 8% to 7.5%.


  • Sales in the Defense and Aerospace division declined 1.7% to €115.8, despite a strong performance at the end of the year.  The EMEALA region grew its top line by 5.9%. The other two regions experienced negative growth Division EBITDA dropped 15% to €11.7m.


  • Revenue on the Ventures division was €88.2m, a decline of 4.2% versus the previous year, due primarily to weak sales in the APAC region.  EBITDA for the division was €5.5m versus and EBITDA loss of €17.5m last year.


Company president & CEO Eric van Zele said: “We are very pleased to see that Barco passed the ambitious billion euro mark. We progressed on many fronts and delivered on our promises for sustainable and profitable growth. Overall sales grew 16.1% year-on-year with Entertainment growing at 31.1%, Healthcare at 10% and Control Rooms & Simulation at 16.1%. Despite a very challenging macro-economic environment we not only succeeded in turning Barco around but also established global leadership positions in all of our core businesses. With EBIT margins moving up from 5.0% in 2010 to 7.5% in 2011 we further delivered on our promises related to profitability while our free cash generation of €81.2m illustrates good management of our working capital. End of December 2011 the net financial cash position of Barco stood at €61.1m compared to €8.9m a year earlier.”



Outlook for 2012

Barco issued the following statement about the coming year:

“With an eye on the future and realizing that the current economic environment is still very uncertain management believes that Barco’s momentum for profitable growth will be sustainable as the company continues to sharpen its focus on its core businesses and pursue alternative options for some other activities.”




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Digital Cinema, Medical Imaging Drive 40 Percent 2010 Revenue Increase at Barco

Broadcast technology vendor financials, Quarterly Results | Posted by Joe Zaller
Feb 11 2011

Barco announced that its revenue for the full year 2010 was €897m, an increase of 40.6% versus 2009.   The company said its results were driven by a strong performance from its digital cinema, medical imaging and avionics divisions, which saw revenue increases of 154.8%, 59.1% and 61.4% respectively.

Orders for the year were up 58.3% to €978.3m versus 2009, and the company’s order book at the end of 2010 was €426.9m, up 29% versus the end of 2009.

The company’s net income for 2010 was €43.6m, a significant improvement on 2009 when it lost €59.9m. 

On a geographic basis, the largest revenue contributor was the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (EMEALA) region, which accounted for 42.7% of sales. North America contributed 35.6% of revenue, while 21.7% of sales came from Asia Pacific. Compared to 2009 sales grew respectively by 28.9%, 66.4% and 30.7%. 


On a segment basis:

  • The Media & Entertainment and Simulation (MES) business posted revenue of €471.7, an increase of 53% versus 2009. Digital cinema shipments were up 154.8% in 2010.


  • Monitoring & Control and Medical business group (MCM) sales increased 27.6% to €335m versus 2009, with medical and avionics showing particularly strong sales growth.


Company president & CEO Eric van Zele said that thanks to the cost cutting measures the company took in 2009, it had managed to weather the economic crisis return to profitable growth.

As part of its plans to sustain its growth, the company also said that it will regroup and recombine some operating divisions in to capture additional scale economies and to align organizational structure with strategy.  “We are pleased with the progress so far and are taking the next steps to strengthen Barco’s leadership in the various segments of our business. We will do whatever it takes to realize further profitable growth in the years to come,” said van Zele.


Outlook for 2011

Barco issued the following statement about the coming year:

2011 will see Barco deploy the third phase of a strategic plan developed beginning 2009. Within the framework of this plan the company will fully adjust structure to strategy in the coming months. Barco will further increase focus on its core activities while simultaneously creating the necessary framework for its other businesses to fully embrace entrepreneurship and become important drivers of growth. Barco will also seek to establish strong geographic leadership in growth markets such as the BRIC countries. Sales and order intake of the BRIC countries are headed for 20% of total sales in 2011. 



You can read the full Barco FY 2010 earnings press release here.

Barco’s presentation to equity analysts is here.



Devoncroft Digest July 24, 2010 – Earnings Season Begins, More Broadcast M+A (and an IPO), Echolab Rumors

broadcast industry technology trends, broadcast industry trends, broadcast technology market research, Broadcast technology vendor financials, Broadcast Vendor Brand Research, Devoncroft Digest, Top Broadcast Vendor Brands | Posted by Joe Zaller
Jul 24 2010

The Devoncroft Digest is a semi-regular amalgamation of news items I’ve seen recently.  Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye recently.

Earnings Season Kicks Off for Broadcasters and Broadcast Tech Vendors:

Quarterly earnings are starting to roll in from both broadcasters and broadcast technology vendors.  For those who are on an annual fiscal year, it’s a chance to see how the first half of the year went, and to hear management thoughts on the second half of 2010.


Broadcast Technology Vendor Earnings:

Avid reported their numbers for the second quarter. Sales for the quarter were $162.2m, an 8% y/y increase – and the company pointed out that this was the first quarter of y/y growth for both audio and video since 1997.  The company’s shares jumped on the news.

While discussing uses of cash on the company’s earnings call, Avid executives talked about the amount of cash used for the Euphonix acquisition.  I was not aware of the purchase price for Euphonix, but it turns out that according to an SEC filing, Avid paid 17.6m for Euphonix, including cash of $12.6m and cash of $5m.

For more on Avid’s results, here’s a link to a transcript of Avid’s Q2 earnings call, and an article from Barrons about the results.   

Speaking of Avid, Post Magazine’s Jonathan Moser recently published an interesting Q&A with Avid COO Kirk Arnold about present & future status of the company.  In my opinion, both Arnold and CEO Gary Greenfield have done a good job recently with this type of interview.  One of Avid’s strengths is their user community and the company is clearly working to communicate with their base.  Here’s another example.


Barco reported strong results for the company’s Q2 and first half of 2010.  In the earnings press release, company President & CEO Eric Van Zele said that Q210 “Must have been our best quarter ever.”  Van Zele also said that Barco is “experiencing explosive growth in demand for our digital cinema projectors and are working very hard to deal with the supply chain issues this creates.”


Storage vendor Isilon also reported their Q2 numbers this week, and they were pretty good.  The company’s Q2 revenues of $45.1m represented increases of 15% q/q and 56% y/y respectively. The company also had positive net income in the quarter.  Shares jumped 18% on the news.  With Isilon apparently firing on all cylinders and Omneon now part of Harmonic, the storage space is going to be interesting to watch over the next year or so.

IPTV provider KIT Digital published strong preliminary results for their Q2.  In an upbeat press release, the company said that its Q2 revenues of “at least $22.7m” were up by more than 110%.  The company also said that its EBITDA for the quarter would be at least $4 Million


Broadcaster and Platform Operator Earnings:


Broadcaster LIN TV reported 2Q revenues of 99.5m, which represents a 21% y/y increase.  The company’s earnings release highlighted the fact that digital revenues were up by 44% y/y, and that political revenues more than doubled versus last year.  Lin President and CEO Vincent Sadusky said: “Our results demonstrate continued, sustained improvement over 2009. Television advertising has experienced a strong recovery and our digital business, which now constitutes 15% of our total revenues, continues to grow and differentiate us as a local multimedia company.”


According to industry website TVNewswCheck, The McGraw-Hill Companies reported that its Broadcasting Group’s revenue grew by 24% to $25.3 million in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. Increases in national, local and political advertising all contributed to the improved performance.  The company as a whole reported net income for the second quarter of 2010 increased by 16.4%, or $27.0 million, to $191.1 million. Revenue in the second quarter was up 0.6% to $1.5 billion.


Media General reported that the company’s broadcast revenue rose 13% in the second quarter, driven by increases in automotive and political advertising (publishing revenues fell by 7%). The company’s digital revenues rose by 8% during the quarter.  The company issued upbeat guidance for its broadcast properties saying, that “Broadcast revenues in the third quarter are expected to increase more than 20 percent, mostly reflecting significant Political revenues.”


Finally, DVD rental and streaming video provider Netflix reported its Q2 results this week.  Although the company’s subscriber, revenue and net income numbers all numbers increased, it was not enough for investors who were looking for higher sales revenues.  The stock tanked.

For more on Netflix, check out the take from website VideoNuze, who penned an interesting post called 5 Key Takeaways from Netflix’s Q2 ’10 Results.


Broadcast M&A

Echolab Rumors Continue

Since Echolab was suddenly put into liquidation, there has been great speculation about what would happen to the company’s IPR – particularly the Atem production switcher line up.  Well if rumors are to be believed, Blackmagic Designs is set to announce that they have purchased the assets of Echolab.  This is information is not confirmed, but I have spoken to several people about it.  

As many know, Blackmagic made headlines earlier this year when they purchased color correction specialist Da Vinci.    Coincidentally, TVB Europe just published an article about how Blackmagic took Da Vinci’s $200,000+ products into a sub-$1,000 product for the Mac and kept all the functionality.   If this rumor is true, it will certainly be interesting to see what Blackmagic has in store for Echolab’s Atem product line.  Watch this space. 


Vitec Multimedia (not to be confused with the Vitec Group) announced the purchase of the Focus Enhancements’ Systems Group.  In the press release announcing the deal, Philippe Wetzel, CEO of VITEC Multimedia said “In combination with our recent acquisition of Optibase, this acquisition furthers our objective to provide a complete line of advanced digital video solutions to our customers around the globe. With innovation at its core, the VITEC R&D division — now with more than 100 esteemed engineers — is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions for a wide range of advanced digital video applications — managing the entire video process from source to display.


Vizrt announced that it has completed the acquisition of Adactus by buying the additional 71% of the company that it did not already own


Other Broadcast Technology Vendor News

Vizrt’s Chief Commercial Officer appears to have left the company.  According to a press release from online gaming firm 888, David Zerah has become the managing director of Dragonfish.  While at Vizrt Zerah spent seven years as EVP of worldwide sales before becoming CCO.  Vizrt has not yet announced a replacement.


3D News

The official IBC blog had an interesting entry on 3DTV the other day, which says that 3D will probably only impact the industry in “small dimensions”.


OTT Video News

As mentioned above, Netflix reported their Q2 revenues.


NewTeeVee Reports that Redbox readying a streaming offering.  Streaming media expert Dan Rayburn says Redbox Won’t Challenge Netflix’s Streaming Service, Here’s Why


Digital Cinema

According to the Wall Street Journal, Imax has signed an exclusive 2-year deal with privately held Laser Light Engines. The company says that the resulting laser-power projectors will deliver brighter images for digital cinema, which will be especially beneficial for 3D.


3D News – RealD Goes Public

3D provider RealD went public this week in a $200m IPO, which raised 33% more than expected, a testament to the strong interest in all things 3D.  The company’s shares were up 22% on its first day as a public company.

The company’s 100+ page IPO documents are worth reading for an overview of the company’s financials as well as the state of the 3D and Digital Cinema Markets.  Files 100+ Page IPO Doc. Worth Reading for Financials and #3D Industry Overview. #3DTV #Broadcast


Market Research Note of the Week – Quality Rankings of Broadcast Technology Vendors

This article looks at how a global sample of several thousand broadcast professionals ranked broadcast technology vendors for one of the most important metrics for any technology company: quality.

The broadcast industry prides itself on the fidelity of its sound and images, so the perception of quality is a very important metric for broadcast technology vendors. Many vendors use quality as one of the key components of their market positioning.

To determine the market’s perception of the quality of broadcast technology vendors, respondents to the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey were asked to rank broadcast technology vendor brands for “quality” on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being best in the market and one being the worst.

As with the top 30 innovation rankings published earlier, this list contains a broad mix of vendors including both audio and video companies. There are also interesting similarities and differences in terms of the types of products produced, geographic location and company.

To read the full article, including analysis of the findings, click here

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