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New Devoncroft Report Available for Download: IBC 2015 – Observations & Analysis of the Media Technology Industry

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Sep 04 2015

In preparation for the 2015 IBC Show, Devoncroft Partners has published an analysis of the trends and strategic drivers in the broadcast and media technology sector.

This 90-page report is free. Registration is required.

A link to download this report can be found at the bottom of this page.


Included in the analysis are excerpts from:


  • The 2015 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), the largest and most comprehensive study of technology trends, buyer behavior, and vendor brands in the broadcast and media technology sector


Devoncroft IBC 2015 Media Technology Analysis


The report covers and provides commentary on a the following media technology trends and drivers:


Yes, media delivery and consumption has changed… BUT:

  • Importance of industry-specific context when reviewing data points
  • Digital delivery is a cause, not the effect
  • For media technology industry, impact extends far beyond the obvious



Media business models in transition:

  • So far, media companies have benefited from OTT
  • But if cord cutting accelerates, does OTT enhance or erode profit?
  • Investor concerns have led to value erosion at both commercial and public broadcasters



Evolution of media business models driving transition of spending priorities:

  • Value to media companies of linear versus digital consumers
    • – New technologies required to monetize digital content
  • Reflected in changing investment patterns
  • Reflected in in-house technology development at media companies
  • Reflected in M&A – Ad Tech / Software
  • Reflected in new service offerings from media companies



Structural shift in technology spend:

  • Comparison of media technology CAGR 2009-2014
  • Value shift in favor of service revenue
  • Research shows that media technology spending shifts once HD transition is complete



Impact on technology vendor performance:

  • Spending pause in studio and infrastructure
  • Has spending resumed in delivery and OTT?



Review of NAB 2015 Strategy Conference:

  • Drivers of technology strategy
  • Insights from broadcaster CTOs, vendor CEOs, service providers



Review of 2015 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS):

  • Ranking and review of top media technology projects
  • Ranking and review of top media technology trends
  • Review of growth expectations for product categories and geographic regions



Thoughts on future industry evolution:

  • Where do technology suppliers add value in the future?
  • Timing of next technology transition
  • Impact of Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • The move away from specialized products and applications
  • Implications for suppliers of media technology and services
  • The next format war – where is future value, and who is battling for dominance



Research background



We welcome feedback, comments, and questions on this report.

If you would like to schedule a meeting at the IBC Show, please let us know as soon as possible.

We are in the process of our IBC Show schedule, and have very limited availability remaining.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam.



Please click here to download a PDF copy (8 MB) IBC Show 2015 – Observations and Analysis of the Media Technology Industry from Devoncroft Partners (registration required).



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