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AMWA and EBU Announce Roadmap for Interoperable Media Services

broadcast industry technology trends, broadcast industry trends, broadcast technology market research | Posted by Joe Zaller
Sep 20 2010

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) announced today that the two organizations successfully held a round table session around SOA and the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS).  During these sessions users were invited to highlight the market needs for a FIMS solution.

During the round table FIMS announced the a 2-phase roadmap for developing specifications.

Phase 1 will consist of a common service definition format, after the high level architecture and framework described in the request for technology is first refined. This framework will cover all system and management requirements (service management, awareness and communication, content and time awareness, security, framework extension). The framework will be built upon IBM (SOA based Media Services Framework) and Sony (Media SOA Framework) proposals with the valued experience of service developers and users from Amberfin, BBC and Cinegy. The project will also address container issues seeking maximum compatibility with AAF and MXF.

Phase 2 will subsequently investigate the possibility of defining common services using the framework developed in phase 1. All respondents have already suggested key services.

AMWA’s Brad Gilmer said that the need for this work is obvious because “media companies are being asked to deliver more programs to more platforms while operating under a very restricted economic environment. They care about the FIMS work because it provides a standardized framework within which they can design and implement facilities which meet their needs now, but also allow them to more easily adapt to the future. File-based facilities are the way of the future, and FIMS is at its core.”

You can read the full EBU / AMWA press release here.

TV Tech Interview with Head of Harris Broadcast Business Reveals Mobile DTV Revenues

broadcast industry technology trends, broadcast technology market research, Broadcast technology vendor financials | Posted by Joe Zaller
Apr 09 2010

TV Technology magazine recently published an interview with P. Harris Morris, the new head of the Harris Broadcast & Communications business unit.

In the interview with TV Tech, Morris talks about the broadcast business, gives an overview of company’s NAB plans and discusses their interoperability labs in the US, Canada and the UK.

Most interesting to me is that towards the end of the interview when the subject turns towards mobile DTV, Morris reveals that the company has “delivered more than 45 systems nationwide already and, at the upcoming Washington, D.C., Mobile Consumer Showcase, our systems will be used in at least six of the eight over-the-air broadcast stations.”

Morris then goes on to say that he “wouldn’t be surprised to see 100 to 150 more stations roll out mobile capabilities during the next year.”

As I said in January just after returning from CES, and more recently while being interviewed by Harry Jessell, the market hype may be about 3D, but for US broadcasters and the vendors that sell to them, there’s much more action in mobile. It looks like Harris is one of the companies that’s taking advantage of this trend and turning it into significant revenue.

I’ve been told by broadcasters that the incremental cost of enabling mobile DTV broadcasting (for a station that has already made the switch to DTV) is about $150,000 per station.  Thus the numbers in the TV Technology interview with Mr. Morris indicate that Harris has already brought in revenue of ~$6.75m from mobile DTV; and the company has the potential to sell an additional $15m – $22.5m worth of this technology over the next year.  Even if the $150K per station estimate is high, there is still good money here for Harris and the other companies who are targeting this space.

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