Media Technology Leaders Heading to IABM Annual Conference — Why You Should Too

Posted by Joe Zaller
Nov 29 2015


One of the year’s must-attend events is the annual IABM conference.

This two-day event provides a unique forum for senior executives to debate and discuss the most important issues facing the industry.

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Here’s why I travel to this conference every year, and why you should consider attending as well.

Out of all the many industry events, the annual IABM conference delivers outstanding value to attendees.  Why?

This is a conference that improves each year.  It always delivers actionable information, great networking opportunities, and strategic insight.

We all know there are dozens of media technology trade shows and events every year, but only the IABM conference brings together senior executives from suppliers and purchasers of media technology in a unique forum where strategic issues facing the industry are debated and discussed.

By providing a review of the previous year, and setting the stage for what’s to come in the future, the IABM conference delivers thought-provoking content that is essential for senior executives who are planning their business strategy for 2016 and beyond.


The IABM 2015 IABM annual conference agenda is packed with essential information, including:




  • Discussions about how changing consumer habits and new technologies such as cloud computing are reshaping the media technology landscape, and the impact this will have on the businesses of both end-users and technology vendors


  • Panel sessions and presentations featuring senior executives from some of the industry’s largest technology buyers and customers, including A-Frame, BT, Dalet, Ericsson, EVS, GfK, Grass Valley, IBM, Imagine Communications, Mediaset, Microsoft, Ooyala, Sky, Suitcase TV, and Vanguard Visions


  • A presentation on new business models for media, featuring Dr. Wenbing Yao, Director of Strategy and Marketing at Huawei Technologies


The conference also provides ample opportunity for networking, discussion, and debate with industry colleagues.




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