Avid and Adobe Integrate Editing and Storage Systems

Posted by Joe Zaller
Mar 10 2015

Adobe_LogoAvid Logo_ white  backgroundSince launching its Media Central platform last year, Avid been telling the industry that they are the “most open” company in the media technology space.

Today Avid went a long way towards putting its money where its mouth is, by announcing that its ISIS high-performance shared storage systems now fully support Adobe’s Premier Pro CC editing platform.

According to the two companies Adobe has made enhancements to Premiere Pro CC that “significantly improve its performance when connected to Avid ISIS® | 7500 and ISIS | 5500 shared storage systems.”

Adobe and Avid have also enabled interoperability between their editing systems, meaning “it’s now possible to mix Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro CC on the same ISIS system in the same storage group, without worrying about complex configuration issues or performance compatibility.”  The collaboration also enables users to “edit higher resolution projects using Premiere Pro CC on ISIS shared storage more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.”

Avid said the collaboration between the two companies is “unprecedented,” and “delivers on the openness of Avid Everywhere, by enabling flexible and efficient workflows for all video editors and creative professionals, regardless of their choice of editing application.”

“We are pleased that Avid’s shared storage systems now provide the high performance required for Adobe solutions,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “With this news, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Media Composer can share Avid DNxHD or Avid DNxHR media and other open file types on the same infrastructure. Our large base of shared customers will undoubtedly realize significant workflow benefits from this collaboration.”

“One of the critical issues facing broadcasters and post-production facilities is the drag on productivity caused by having to manage and integrate different solutions from different vendors with different standards,” said Ray Gilmartin, senior director, Product and Segment Marketing, Avid. “This collaboration between Avid and Adobe is an example of the openness and flexibility that we are committed to delivering to the industry with Avid Everywhere.”



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