Telestream Says Transcoding and Workflow Revenue Increased by 40 Percent Last Year

Posted by Joe Zaller
Sep 08 2014

Telestream said in a statement that revenue from its “flagship Vantage transcoding and workflow automation systems increased by more than 40 percent last year.”

The company also said that it has posted “profitable growth for the last 14 years.”

Company CEO Dan Castles attributed the company’s impressive track-record of growth to both innovation and management stability.

Privately held Telestream, which was acquired in 2011 by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, did not provide any other financial metrics such as overall revenue, gross margins, or profitability. Neither did it give an indication on the performance of its transcoding and workflow products in the current year.

However, the company did make some provocative statements about the market, competitive vendors, and broadcast industry M&A.

According to Telestream “market forces have driven recent corporate acquisitions, and some of these companies were struggling to survive. As a result, there are new combined companies, new management, and typically, new strategies. One of the likely victims during these transitions are customers who may have purchased products from one of these companies only to learn that a change of direction has resulted in product decisions that impact the original cost of ownership that was part of the initial purchase decision.”

“Based on our own experience of acquiring companies, we know that they have to be implemented carefully and strategically,” said Castles. “Owning a new piece of intellectual property does not mean that you understand the market it serves nor that it will integrate harmoniously within your existing product portfolio. We believe we are the right size as a company – not large and unwieldy, but not so small that we have to chase deals to remain in business. Our customers know we listen to their input as they see new products consistently coming to market that reflect their requirements. Implied in that equation is a level of trust that we will be around for years to come and that investing in products from Telestream is a smart decision long term.”

“Telestream offers its customers a very clear proposition,” said Castles. “We were one of the first companies to develop file-based workflow solutions as long ago as 1998 and today, our products reflect many hundreds of man years of development in this area. We are financially very solid and this has allowed us to stick to our strategies and not be tempted to chase opportunities that may bring in short term results, but distract us in the long term from executing on what we have committed to customers. We are very relevant to our customer base, and we take that role extremely seriously.”



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