Founder of RED D-Cinema Cameras Says He Will “Sink into the Background”

Posted by Joe Zaller
Aug 22 2013

Jim Jannard, the entrepreneurial founder of digital cinema camera maker Red, said in a blog post that he’s tired and will no longer be the face of RED.


“I have said before… I’m tired. I really am.

I started Oakley with $300 and then proceeded to put over 5,000 people to work in California. Against all odds, we passed RayBan in worldwide sales in 1996. I am so proud of what we accomplished at Oakley. Inventions wrapped in art. Thermonuclear Protection. I actually had an impeccable reputation every day from start to finish.

In 2005, I could see that the powers that be (Sony, Arri, Panavision) were going to attempt to persuade the film industry that 1080P was going to be the digital replacement for film. The F900, F23, Genesis, D20. I did not agree. As a film fanatic, I knew that digital would replace film, but I wanted that replacement to be respectful to film. 1080P or 2K was not respectful.

So at the end of 2005, I made the decision to start RED. The idea was to make a 4K digital camera. My thought was to create a film alternative that actually was the equal or better to film in every aspect. Send film to the retirement home proud of what we had done.

Now… replacing film properly is no easy task. It is about resolution, dynamic range, color, ease of use, cost to shoot, post options… quite a lot of stuff. We accepted the challenge.

In 2006, we announced the RED ONE. 4K for under $20K. That was quite shocking. Sony’s digital cinema cameras were $200k+…”.

You can read Jannard’s entire post here.




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