Evertz Beats Expectations in Q1 Fiscal 2013 as Profits Jump 41 Percent

Posted by Joe Zaller
Sep 14 2012

Evertz announced that its revenue for the first quarter of its 2013 fiscal year was C$96m, an increase of 28% versus the same period a year ago, and up 26% versus the previous quarter.

Net earnings for the quarter were C$24.8m (C$0.34 per share), up 41% versus the same quarter last year, and up 87% versus the previous quarter.

The results for the quarter were well above the expectations of equity analysts, who on average were looking for revenue of C$84.9m and EPS of C$0.25.

Revenue in the US/Canada region was C$59.4, or 62% of total revenue, up 31% versus the same period a year ago, and up 62% versus the previous quarter.

International revenue was C$36.6m, an increase of 23% versus the same period last year, and down 8% versus the previous quarter. International sales were 38% of total revenue, down from 40% last year.

Evertz EVP Brian Campbell attributed the revenue growth to the ongoing transition to HD, a growing demand globally for high quality video, traction in the company’s workflow solutions from its purchase of Pharos, and several large projects that were recognized during the quarter.

The company had 76 orders in the quarter that were greater than C$200,000, and the top ten customers provided for 41% of revenue (C$39.4m), so Evertz clearly closed some big deals close during the quarter.

Significantly, one customer accounted for 15% of total revenue, or C$14.4m, during the quarter. C$14.4m is a huge order for any broadcast vendor, and this means that the company’s revenue during the quarter was significantly more concentrated than in the past.  For comparison, during the previous quarter no customer accounted for more than 5% of total revenue, or C$3.82m. In response to questions about the “15% customer” from Canacord Genuity analyst Robert Young, Brian Campbell pointed out that the 15% number relates to all product shipped to a single customer during the quarter, not necessarily a single order for one project.  Campbell also said that although this order was indeed large, the company has had large orders in the past.  What appears to make this order unusual is that it appears to have happened during a single quarter as opposed to delivery over multiple quarters, which Campbell said is more common.  Campbell declined to state who the customer was, or its geographic location, but given the rise in US/Canada sales, and the q/q decline in international revenue, it’s easy to speculate.

The strong results follow on from the previous quarter when Evertz announced that its order backlog had reached a record C$57m, and said that most of this backlog would ship during the current quarter. This appears to have happened, as the company’s order backlog at the end of the first quarter of its 2013 fiscal year was C$40m, or 30% lower than three months ago.

Gross margins in the quarter were 58%, up from 57% last year and up from 56% last quarter.  The company attributed its margin expansion in the quarter to higher revenue and traction in new product areas. Company CFO Anthony Gridley said that gross margins were within the company’s targeted range of 56% to 62%, and that the company is “comfortable” with that range.  Campbell added that this margin range allows Evertz to make money while remaining price-competitive in the market.

R&D expenses in the quarter were C$11.8m, an increase of 14% versus the same period last year, and down 8% versus the previous quarter when the company accelerated the purchase of materials and prototypes in order to take advantage of government tax incentives before the end of its fiscal year.  Gridley said the company is constantly adding R&D staff, so any reported decline in R&D spending is typically the result of an increase in prototypes in previous quarters.  Campbell said that the company will continue to invest in R&D as the company sees its engineering strength as a key market differentiator, and Evertz intends to “continue to extend this lead.”

SG&A expenses for the quarter were C$12.4m, an increase of 19% versus last year, and essentially flat with the previous quarter. Selling and administrative expenses represented approximately 13% of revenue in the quarter versus 14% of revenue during the same period last year, and 16% of revenue last quarter.

The company’s purchase order backlog at the end of August 2012 was in excess of C$40m, up 90% versus the same period last year, and down 30% versus the previous quarter.

Commenting on the recent IBC trade show, Campbell said that Evertz saw increasing awareness of some of its recent large R&D investments.  He specifically cited video transport, IT-based playout, asset management, and compressed domain products as areas where the company is seeing interest.

When asked by an analyst about the pick-up in broadcast technology M&A activity such as the recent purchase of Miranda by Belden, and the decision by Harris to divest its broadcast business, Campbell responded by saying that Grass Valley should be added to this list because it is also has been going through changes since being acquired by Francisco Partners.  Campbell implied that the distractions facing competitors was a net positive for Evertz.  “Customers look to Evertz as a very stable entity with very little disruption, so we’ve been able to capture market share” he said.



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