Haivision Says its Revenue Grew 47 Percent in 2011

Posted by Joe Zaller
Feb 17 2012

IP video specialist Haivision said in a press release that its 2011 revenue grew by 47% compared to 2010.

The company did not discuss what percentage of its growth has been organic versus through acquisitions such as its 2010 purchase of two companies — KulaByte and MontiVision, but it’s safe to assume that its M&A strategy played a significant role in the company’s success.

Haivision is privately held and did not disclose revenue numbers or any other financial metrics, such as profitability or operating margins, but at the time of the KulaByte and MontiVision announcement the company said it was “driving towards $50m in revenue.” The company also said it has achieved a 50% compounded annual growth rate over the past six years, and has had 16 straight quarters of positive EBITDA.

According to company president & CEO Mirko Wicha, Haivision’s growth has been funded internally rather than through outside capital.

“Haivision is successful due to a unique combination of market understanding, channel dedication, technology leadership, and fiscal diligence,” said Wicha. “As our recent acquisitions mature within our channels and we extend our strengths within the enterprise towards OTT and mobile solutions, Haivision is very well positioned to continue its growth across our focus segments.”

Haivision now has over 160 employees operating from offices in Montreal, Chicago, Beaverton, Austin, Hamburg, Dubai, and Hong Kong.


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