My New Part-Time Role with the IABM

Posted by Joe Zaller
Aug 15 2011

As you may have seen from this press release, I’ve recently agreed to join the IABM on a part-time basis as the North American development officer.

After the announcement went out, I received many much-appreciated notes of congratulations. A few people also wanted to know what this means, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain.

For those who are not aware of the IABM, it’s the trade group that represents broadcast and media technology vendors worldwide.  I’ve been involved with the IABM for many years from when I worked for broadcast tech vendors, including a stint on the member’s board from 2006 – 2008.

I’m a fan of the IABM and I think it’s a very worthwhile organization.  It provides an array of unique services to its members as well many opportunities for networking.

When I started Devoncroft Partners one of the first things I did was form a partnership with the IABM. As a result, we offer IABM members generous discounts on our syndicated market research reports, and the IABM sells our BBS Global Market Report. In addition to this formal arrangement, we’ve remained close to the IABM and have participated in many of its activities over the past few years.

When Peter White (Director General of the IABM) asked me if I was interested in helping the IABM in the Americas I was concerned about any potential for perceived conflict of interest because both Devoncroft and the IABM produce and sell broadcast industry market intelligence.  Peter and I discussed this at length, and I also talked to many people in the broadcast industry including colleagues and clients.  The people I talked with were universally positive about the opportunity and no one thought there was any conflict of interest. Based on this positive feedback, and my belief that I can make a difference for the IABM in the Americas, I decided to sign on with them.

The aim of this role is to help the IABM increase its visibility in the Americas, and also to help them promote and sell their various research offerings.  This fits in nicely with our existing business at Devoncroft as it continues to grow, expand and take on new clients and projects. My view is that this move will benefit both Devoncroft and the IABM as we move forward.

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