Harris Broadcast Division Posts Strong Growth in Q4 2011, Returns to Profitability for Quarter and Full Year

Posted by Joe Zaller
Aug 03 2011

Harris Corporation announced it Q4 and full year FY2011 results.

The company’s broadcast division is now part its Integrated  Network Solutions (INS) unit, which was created when Harris strategically realigned its business segments in March of 2011, so Harris no longer breaks out the specifics of its broadcast business.

However, the company did provide detail of some of its results, and according to Harris Corp. chairman and CEO Howard Lance the company’s broadcast business posted a “solid profit” for the 4th quarter of the company’s 2011 fiscal year.

Q4 revenue was $167.7m, an increase of 31% versus the same period a year ago (when it posted a loss of $21m), and an increase of 25% versus the previous quarter (when it turned a profit).  Lance attributed the strong performance to improved broadcast sales in international markets as well as growth in the new media market, including digital-out-of-home (DooH).

Broadcast communications orders for the 4th quarter were $152.1m up 37% versus the same period a year ago.  Significant deals closed in the quarter included a $16m contract from Turkmenistan TV for a full range of broadcast solutions from Harris.  The company also said that it was experiencing order growth in Latin America and Asia.

On the company’s conference call with equity analysts, Lance highlighted some of the company’s recent success in the DooH market.  During the fourth quarter, Harris installed its first digital signage system in the UK, at luxury retailer Harrods.  In the US, Harris is collaborating with Digital Display Networks and ABC to create what it says is one of the largest DooH advertising networks in the world, 7-Eleven TV.  Lance said that the system is already installed in more than 3,000 7-Eleven stores.


Full Year Results Exceed Guidance:

For the full fiscal year, Harris broadcast communications division had revenue of $553.8m, an increase of 14% versus its performance in fiscal 2010.  These results exceeded guidance that the company had issued for the division when it said it expected the broadcast division to break-even on full year revenue in region of $520m – $540m.

According to Lance, the broadcast division has shown “excellent growth” and has “vastly improved” over last year.  It was “profitable both for the quarter and for the fiscal year in total.”



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