Technicolor Decides not to sell Digital Signage Provider PRN

Posted by Joe Zaller
Mar 03 2011

Technicolor, which has been undergoing a year-long restructuring program involving the divestment of its Grass Valley business, said that it has decided not to sell PRN (Premier Retail Networks), a provider of digital signage solutions.

Technicolor said that offers received from potential PRN buyers “did not provide satisfactory conditions for the Group.”


Here’s the statement:

“Taking into consideration a number of factors, including PRN’s business achievements in 2010, the improvement in the advertising market in general, and the place based media market specifically, as seen over the past quarters, the Group believes greater value can be created by developing the PRN business.

 “As a consequence, the Group has decided to end the disposal process for PRN, which will be consolidated as part of its Entertainment Services segment within continuing operations going forward.  Based on the financial performance of this activity in 2010, the Group expects PRN to contribute positively to its EBITDA and cash flow generation for the full year.”

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