Recent Findings from the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey

Posted by Joe Zaller
May 26 2010

Recent Market Research Findings from the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey


The Top 30 Broadcast Technology Vendor Brands, Ranked by “Overall Opinion,” Globally and Regionally

An overview of how broadcast technology vendor brands were ranked for “overall opinion” in the 2010 BBS. Results are shown globally and regionally


What factors most influence the purchase of broadcast technology products?

Regardless of how broadcast technology products are purchased, what many in the industry want to know is why they are bought, i.e., what is the most important factors that influence the decision to buy one product over another.

When it comes to selling broadcast technology, there are several strategies that vendors have adopted. This includes positioning their offerings as having the best technology, the best feature set, the lowest cost, the best value, the best service, the most recommended, etc. But which factor is the most important to the most buyers?


Purchasing Preferences of Broadcast Technology Buyers – “Best-of-Breed” or “One-Stop-Shop?

How do buyers of broadcast technology products prefer to purchase: using a best-of-breed approach (evaluating products from multiple vendors) or a one-stop shop where one vendor provides a complete solution?


How are broadcast technology products typically purchased — direct from vendors, through an SI or a dealer?

This article examines the way broadcast technology products are purchased, i.e., what purchasing channels are typically used by buyers of broadcast technology products.


NAB 2010: NAB: Stations Focus On Web, Mobile, HDTV (TVNewsCheck Interview)

In this interview conducted by Harry Jessell of TV News Check, Joe Zaller discusses the major trends that are impacting US broadcasters, including the transition to HDTV, multi-platform content delivery and 3D.


What Broadcast Buyers Are Evaluating for Purchase in 2010

This article focuses on the products that are being evaluated for purchase this year by broadcast professionals.  We presented technology buyers with a list of relevant product categories, and asked them to indicate which product type they are currently evaluating for purchase.


Where is Money Being Spent in the Broadcast Industry? — A Review of Major Projects Being Planned

In the current environment, everyone in the broadcast business wants to know which parts of the industry are doing well, where money is being spent and what is driving this spending.


Broadcast Industry’s Largest Market Study Reveals Most Important Technology Trends

This article looks at how respondents ranked a variety of technology trends in terms of importance to their business. This article presents the answers to this question in two ways: as a global trends index and by the percentage of respondents who indicated the importance of each trend to their business.

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