2010 Broadcast Technology Market Research — Another Record Breaker

Posted by Joe Zaller
Mar 09 2010

After many months of work, I am pleased to announce that the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS) has officially closed.

The 2010 BBS is another record-breaker.  More than 5,600 broadcast professionals in 120+ countries participated in the study, making it the largest ever and most comprehensive study of the broadcast industry.

This study was huge not only in terms of the industry support, but also in terms of its scope.  The 2010 BBS studied the opinions and attitudes of key technology buyers about a broad range of issues industry trends; budgets, plant infrastructure, purchase intent and buying behavior; major project plans; products being evaluated for purchase; and detailed opinions of vendor brands.  The study covered 148 broadcast technology vendor brands in 27 separate product categories.

Over the coming months I will be publishing highlights from the study here as well as in a number of industry trade publications.  These articles will most likely be published once a week (usually on a Monday), so please check back regularly.  This is highly relevant information for broadcast professionals that cannot be found anywhere else.

Three types of reports 2010 BBS data will be available for purchase. 

Available Reports Derived from 2010 BBS Data:

There are three types of reports available, each of which provides deep insight into the broadcast industry.  The information in each report is presented through a series of charts and tables, which are segmented by geography, organization type and organization size.  Custom segmentation of the data is also available from Devoncroft Partners.

The 2010 BBS Global Market Report is the broadcast industry’s first global demand-based study of the purchasing habits of technology buyers.  This report includes the following information:

  • Industry trends
  • Purchase intent and behavior
  • Current and projected plant infrastructure (analog, SDI, HD, 3Gbps and file-based)
  • Budget size and percentage increase / decrease versus previous years
  • Products currently being evaluated for purchase
  • Overview of major projects being planned by technology buyers
  • HDTV equipment upgrade plans


The 2010 BBS Global Brand Report provides a comprehensive overview of the market perceptions of more than 100 broadcast vendor brands.  This report provides detailed information about how the market perceives the strengths and weaknesses of broadcast technology vendors; thereby enabling them to make informed corporate strategy decisions.  This report includes the following information:

  • A series of industry “league tables”­ and “brand scorecards”  that enable users to benchmark their brand against the entire industry or specific competitors
  • Brand rankings for awareness, overall opinion, change of opinion and advocacy 
  • Rankings for five separate brand drivers and fifteen separate brand attributes
  • Detailed comparisons between positive and negative opinions of brands, enabling users to analyze their market position and make strategic decisions regarding customer engagement


Twenty-seven separate 2010 BBS Product Reports provide detailed vendor brand ranking for individual product categories (see below for a breakdown of product categories and vendors). These reports enable users to benchmark their brand directly against specific competitors through a detailed understanding of the opinions of technology buyers who purchase, specify or use each product type.   2010 BBS product reports include the following information:

  • Detailed rankings of how vendors are rated by customers– from best to worst – for each product category
  • Detailed brand rankings for awareness, overall opinion, change of opinion and advocacy  for each vendor in the product category
  • Detailed brand drivers and attribute ratings for each vendor in the product category


For information, please contact Devoncroft Partners.

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