Evertz Named to Deloitte’s “Technology Fast 50” Companies in Canada

Posted by Joe Zaller
Oct 05 2009

Deloitte Canada recently announced its annual “Fast 50 Technology Companies,” which it calls “the country’s pre-eminent leading technology awards.”  According to Deloitte, these awards “rank companies based on their past five-year revenue growth rates.”  Broadcast technology vendor Evertz Microsystems once again made the list, and was also singled out for a Leadership Award.

Evertz ranked #47 on the list with a 5 year growth rate of a very impressive 318%, but in my view, the Leadership Award from Deloitte is more significant. 

Here’s how Deloitte Canada describe these awards:  “Leadership Awards single out companies that are the elite members of the Canadian technology industry, whose ability to create a distinct competitive advantage in a high-growth market allows them to dominate their sector and quickly join the ranks of other Canadian global leaders.”   To give you an idea of what they mean, this leadership award puts Evertz in the same category as leading smartphone vendor Research in Motion — not a bad result. 

Here’s a link to the Deloitte announcement

There’s no doubt that Evertz has become a significant player in the broadcast technology space.  My research shows that Evertz has a strong brand in the broadcast technology industry, although it’s very clear that the company’s brand is stronger in the Americas than in the rest of the world.  Nevertheless, the company’s “international” sales (which Evertz describes as outside of the US and Canada) continue to grow.  It will be interesting to see how the company is ranked when my next round of research is published.

In the 2009 Big Broadcast Survey, Evertz placed in the top 5, on either a global or regional basis, in the following categories:

* Net Change in Brand Image

* Overall Opinion

* Great Customer Service

* Innovation

* Reliability


This is also not a bad result for Evertz.

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