Top Five Improving Brands in Broadcast Technology

Posted by Joe Zaller
Sep 28 2009

This is the fifth in a series of posts about how the brands of broadcast technology vendors were ranked in a variety of categories in the 2009 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), which includes responses from nearly 5,000 people in 110 countries.  (For information about how these results were collected, please see the bottom of this post)*.

Previous posts on this subject have looked at how broadcast technology vendor brands were ranked by BBS respondents in terms of overall opinion, customer service, reliability and innovation

These are great metrics, but I also wanted to know which brands are perceived as getting better or getting worse in the global marketplace.  To find out, I presented BBS participants with a list of 25 broadcast technology vendors and asked whether their opinion of the company had “got better,”  “stayed the same” or “got worse” over the past 2-3 years.

Once I had these results was able to calculate the “Net Change in Brand Image” for each company by using the following formula:

GB-GW/# of total respondents = Net Change in Brand Image

In other words, I subtracted the “got worse” number from the “got better” number for each company (ignoring the “stayed the same” number), and then converted this into a percentage of the total for each vendor.

Evaluating the change in brand image in this way takes into account both the positive and negative perceptions of brands.  It turns out that some brands are more polarizing than others – meaning that a strong “got better” response might be cancelled out by a strong “got worse” response.  As a result some companies who were rated in the top five on just the “got better” score were not included in the global or regional top five because their high “got worse” score dragged down their overall result.  At the same time, a few of the companies with high “got worse” scores still made the top 5 list because these negative scores were cancelled out by even higher “got better” scores.

The table below summarizes the results by showing the vendors who were ranked in the top five for “net change in brand image.”  In order to show geographic variation, these results are presented globally as well as regionally.


Please note that in all cases, these brands are shown in alphabetical order, NOT in the order of their ranking in the study.


Top Five Net Improving Broadcast Technology Vendor Brands, Globally and Regionally


Net Change in Brand Image


Like most other measures, the top five spots on a global basis were taken by large and/or well-established players.  However, there are some interesting regional trends that are worth further investigation.

Several companies achieved a top five spot in one or more of the regions, but were not ranked in the top five on a global basis.  These include Harris, Miranda Technologies, Quantel and Snell & Wilcox.  Harris and Miranda were ranked in the top five in two regions.  The following chart shows a breakdown of companies that achieved a top five ranking on a regional basis, but were not ranked in the top five on a global basis.

Achieved Top Five in One or More Regions, but not Globally













Snell & Wilcox





When considering the companies that placed in the top five on a global basis, it’s interesting to note that no single company placed in the top 5 in all three geographic regions.  Four of the global top 5 placed in the top 5 in two regions, while one vendor – Omneon – achieved a top 5 position in just one region, but still achieved a top 5 position on a global basis.  

Here’s a breakdown of where each of the top five global companies achieved a top five spot on a regional basis:

Where Global Top Five Also Achieved Top 5 Position Regionally

















Thomson / Grass Valley





Sony and Thomson / Grass Valley had similar profiles, scoring in the top 5 in both Asia-Pacific and the Americas.  EVS was in the top five on EMEA and Asia-Pac; and Evertz was in the top five in EMEA and the Americas.  Omneon’s strong regional showing in EMEA (presumably combined with scores just outside of the top five in other regions), was enough to put it in the top five globally.

The net change in brand image provides good insight into how brands are perceived by the market, but it needs to be taken in the context of a variety of other measures as well, since a high score in this category is the result of many factors.  Indeed the companies in the top five in “net change in brand image” also achieved high marks in other categories. For example, EVS scored very well in the customer service category (the only company to be in the top five in all geographic regions), and was also ranked in the top five for innovation on a global basis, along with both Sony and Thomson / Grass Valley.   

A top 5 score in the “Net Change in Brand Image” category, on a regional or global basis is an important achievement for any brand.  The companies in this group are perceived by the market in a vey positive light.  Whether they are perceived as a consistent performer who is doing things right, and getting better; or as a dynamic up and coming company, this measure facilitates a deeper understanding of the industry brand leaders.


* Respondents to the BBS were asked to rank their opinion of twenty-five broadcast technology vendor brands in a variety of categories including awareness; overall opinion; change of opinion; recommendation; and a variety of brand attributes and brand drivers.  The responses were then aggregated into a series of industry “league tables” that rank each broadcast technology vendor brand against the metrics mentioned above. You can download a free 26 page summary of some of the key findings of this study here.

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