Transition to HDTV tops global trends for broadcast industry insiders

Posted by Joe Zaller
Jun 22 2009
As part of the 2009 Big Broadcast Survey, we surveyed the opinions of almost 5,000 people in 110 countries about broadcast technology vendor brands and industry trends. 


This was done by presenting all respondents — including those who identified themselves as technology suppliers such as vendors and systems integrators as well as those who identified themselves as technology buyers such as broadcasters and cable/satellite/IPTV operators —  with a list of 15 industry trends and asking them to choose  the three trends from the list that (ranking them 1-3) that they feel will have the “most significant impact on the way they do business over the next 2-3 years.”

By weighting the results according to whether a technology was ranked 1st (weight=3), 2nd (weight=2) or 3rd (weight=1), the relative importance of the technologies on a global basis, expressed as a percentage of the total weighted votes, is shown in the chart below. 

Summary of Globale Trends in Broadcast Industry

Summary of Global Trends in Broadcast Industry

The transition to high-definition operations is the key trend influencing the industry at the moment.  However the movement from tape to file video, and IP content delivery are also key global issues for the industry.

Following those issues in global importance are multi-platform content delivery, advanced encoding techniques, video-on-demand and the transition to 3Gbps within studio facilities.  Trends such as 3D TV are currently viewed as second-tier issues, but are likely to become increasingly important in the near future.

Of course because this chart represents the full sample, it does not account for the difference in opinion between different respondent types and geographic regions.  Doing this shows that there is  considerable variation between customers and regions — I’ll publish some examples of this in future posts.

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